T.PM2 / Laser Power Meter

The T.PM2 laser power meter uses a silicone detector and state-of-the-art electronics to measure rotating, scanning or static beams of up to 20mW power and in four different wavelengths, covering the commonly used types of laser beams. It features a large, easy to read LCD and an intuitive user interface for simple operation. Available in two versions, with external or integrated measuring probe to best suit your application. Enclosed in a rugged PVC housing and powered by an internal 9V battery, the T.PM2 will help you make measurements quickly and accurately.



  • ROTATING, SCANNING OR STATIC BEAM: Measure rotating, scanning or static beams using a single instrument
  • FOUR DIFFERENT WAVELENGTHS: Infra red (785nm), red (635 and 650nm) and green (532nm)
  • WIDE POWER RANGE: Up to 20 mW
  • BACKGROUND RADIATION SUPPRESSION: Dual photocell ensuring accurate measurements



  • T.PM2.E – External measuring probe
  • T.PM2.I – Integrated measuring probeNOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice
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