LAS.603H / Cross liner laser


Now available with either RED or the new
GREEN beam for improved laser visibility

Automatic levelling
Heavy duty compensator eliminates error by quickly self-levelling the unit. Settling time of only 3 seconds.

Various beam options
Precision, vertical and horizontal lines operate simultaneously or independent of each other for
countless level and plumb applications.

Out of level alarm
Laser blinks and audible alarm warns the
operator that the unit is out of self-levelling range.

Locked line angle
When self-levelling is not required, laser lines can be locked in place allowing them to be set at any angle

Universal mount
Strong magnets, 1/4“ and 5/8” tripod mounts and strap allow for attachment of the unit to a variety of different surfaces including metal studs, wooden beams, walls and tripods.


Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and counter tops. Install trim and millwork.
Stair layout: Level and plumb checks, plumb framing and partition walls, plumb window and door frames.
Concrete: Set forms and footings.
Electrical: Level electrical outlets, transfer layout from floor to ceiling.
Plumbing: Layout piping, sewer lines, drainage and feed lines, transfer sprinkler system layout from floor to ceiling.



  • Hand-held receivers
  • Tripods
  • Safety glasses
  • Staffs
  • Battery charger


Standard package contents

  • Laser unit
  • Universal mount
  • Square
  • Strap
  • User guide
  • 3 x AA batteries
  • Carrying pouch
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