RS.010 / Proportional hydraulic machinery control kit



  • Use on excavators, backhoes, graders, scrapers, bulldozers or continuous bucket diggers
  • Plumb indication
  • Simple to use and setup
  • Rugged construction able to withstand harsh operating environments
  • User selectable resolution (accuracy), for detecting the laser beam (with Remote)
  • Memory of last laser strike
  • Automatic compensation for errors caused by vibration
  • 18 months warranty
  • 360° or economical 220° reception range available



  • Electric output to control hydraulic solenoids
  • 3 grade accuracy: Coarse, Fine and Medium
  • Automatic control with override facility or manual control
  • Box is compact enough to fit into any machinery cabin


Standard package includes:

  • Duo sensor 360? (no internal battery) “R.DUO.360″
  • Control box for Duo “CB.DUO”
  • Cord 3S – 3P / Duo “A.RS.034″
  • Hydraulic cord 5P “A.RS.035″
  • Case for sensor and control Box “A.3CH.001″
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