Temperature differences in asphalt can lead to a thermal decomposition of the material and can be the main cause of the premature wear and tear of road pavement. MOBA PAVE-IR TM Scan provides companies and public authorities with the possibility to ascertain these temperature differences and the associated separation (segregation of the material) during the ongoing construction process. The system generates complete temperature profiles and individual, targeted temperature measurements throughout the entire construction process. The current temperatures are visualized and also recorded with the date on the panel. The further processing of saved data is easy thanks to a specially-developed software.

With MOBA PAVE-IR TM Scan, companies can prove that, while paving with asphalt, no significant temperature differences occurred and that the material temperatures complied with the specifications throughout the entire procedure at the construction site. This serves as evidence of correct work for agencies and authorities. These methods also serve as guidelines on the granting of performance bonuses and are supplementary to regulations pertaining to road construction.


  • Temperature profile for the entire project
  • Visualization and documentation of thermal profile and additional data
  • Easy to install and operate for daily work
  • Modular system, extendable, future-proof
  • Real-Time and Post-Process analysis possible
  • Thermal segregation is made visible


  • Quality tool to improve built process
  • Contributes to higher road quality and longevity
  • Weak spots and areas can be detected before surface of the mat fails
  • Quality verification and documentation
  • Base for possible bonus payments
  • Competitive advantage, shows innovation




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