LS.230R / Lasergrader LS.230R

The LS.230 remote is a full function remote control, that allows you to control the Lasergrader unit via a radio remote control.

The remote may be used to change grade control, give an optional grade display, and enter grade using arrow keys. All functions can now be executed without having to go to the LS.230 unit to adjust grade or display. The operator can see at a glance exactly what is happening, making work speedy and efficient.

Radio remote control range is up to 700 metres depending on environmental conditions.


  • OPTIONAL GRADE DISPLAY – Select grade as a percentage or ratio
  • AUTOMATIC WARNINGS – LCD readouts include: SERVICE REQUIRED – Detects an internal fault; LO BAT – Detects battery is near low; LIMIT – Indicates laser has reached self-levelling limit; LEVEL – Indicates laser has reached required grade
  • WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF – Fully sealed and pressurized with nitrogen. Allows you to work in all weather conditions
  • HIGH POWER RED BEAM – For imrpoved performance in dusty conditions and bad weather
  • LOCK FUNCTION – When activated, all control keys on laser are locked
  • TOUGH – Robust, fully machined housing and all metal construction
  • ELEVATION ALERT – If the laser is accidently moved (with the lock function activated) the laser beam will remain switched off and stop rotating to alert the operator
  • FULL FUNCTION RADIO REMOTE CONTROL – Range up to 700 metres





  • Various mounts i.e. quick release, 3.5″ threaded type
  • Scope for accurate axis alignment
  • Coned rotating head
  • Beam blocks in 4 directions
  • Battery eliminator with cord for the remote (for use with external power supply)
  • Aerial extension 3.5 m for the remote


Standard package includes:

  • Dual grade rotating laser: “LS.230.R”
  • Carry case plastic: “A.230.004″
  • Battery charger 100-240 V/13.5V,3A: “A.MCE.049″
  • Cig. lighter cord for charging/powering: “A.MCE.050″
  • Cord with clips for charging/powering: “A.MCE.051″
  • Cordless remote: “A.220.021″
  • Owner’s manual & grade chart: “OM.LS.230″


  • Visible or invisible beam
  • Dual or single grade laser



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