MCE Lasers offering Moba Mobile Automation products in Australia

MCE Lasers has teamed up with MOBA Mobile Automation Ltd and is now offering their complete array of machine control solutions, Moba is based in Germany and is a global leader in automation systems for excavator, grader, dozer, drill rigging systems and more in both 2D or 3D

Blade control levelling systems for versatile applications
With the 3D-system, even complex construction plans can be implemented quickly and effectively. As early as the surveying stage, the terrain type is captured in 3D which means that, detailed surveying and check measurements during the construction phase are largely unnecessary. This accelerates work processes, increases efficiency and eliminates sources of error. With the help of preset project data, MOBA 3D generates a 3D design file. All project data is displayed for the driver on the 10.2 inch touch screen and stored for subsequent processing. MOBA 3D works with GNSS antennas as well as with total stations.


Excavator systems for accurate results
With Vision LINK and Vision 3D, MOBA’s excavator systems suit many different requirements. Vision LINK includes as standard 2D mapping and supplies basic 3D features and can be upgraded to Vision 3D any time. Vision 3D automatically determines the position of the bucket via GPS. Project data is transmitted directly from the office to the machine via the Internet and from this data a 3D terrain model is designed and shown on the operator’s touch screen panel. This means the excavator operator can control the bucket using the digital terrain model and maintain extreme accuracy. This increases the cost-effectiveness of your operations.



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