LD.60x25L / LD.60x25L

The “LD.60 x 25L” is a long distance laser used for vertical alignment on distances up to 850 metres. The beam is detected by a laser sensor (Laserguide). It is possible to automatically control the relevant machine by connecting the Laserguide sensor to the server drive.



  • Laying tracks
  • Machinery control
  • Runway line marking
  • Laying pipes or cables
  • Manual or auto steering of vehicles
  • ……and many more




  • Input voltage: 12 V DC (24 V DC Optional)
  • Output power: 2-10 mW
  • Line thickness: minimum 80mm at max. distance
  • Beam detection angle: 1% (1m per 100m) or 0.9?
  • Repetition rate: 8 pulses per second
  • Working distance: 15m to 850m
  • Dimensions: Diameter: Laser: 60m/Focusing knob: 72mm/Length: 610mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
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