LAS.5VH / 5 Beam Laser

The LAS.5VH is a self-levelling unit that stays true regardless of job-site conditions (temperature change, vibration, impact). This is achieved with pendulum, designed to utilize gravity to constantly self-level. The LAS.5VH self-levels on uneven surfaces of up to 10º.

Self-levelling accuracy ranges up to ± 6mm over 22 metres. No “eye-balling” with bubble vial is required. Quick, easy, accurate and repeatable.

Five Beam Self-Levelling Laser is always on the job, and not in the shop.




  • 5 self-levelling beams
  • Single-pierce beam splitter (vertical)
  • Out of level indicator
  • Pendulum lock for protection during transport
  • Auto shut-off with override
  • User recalibration
  • Versatile magnetic bracket included



  • Square foundations, walls, office systems, decks, window and door frames
  • Align and square frames, forms and posts
  • Transfer floor and ceiling reference points for HVAC, recessed lighting, drainage, feed lines and skylights


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