Vision 1N

The Vision 1N Laser Level is a fully automatic self-leveling system with a visible laser diode. It is available with single or dual grade, plumb beam and scanning function.



  • Self-levelling: automatic self-levelling up to ±5° eliminates the need for bubble vials and eye-balling
  • Grade function: available with single or dual grade for setting slopes of up to 10%
  • Manual mode
  • Automatic saving of the last slope settings after switching off the unit.
  • Bright display through illuminated LCD
  • Vibration protection can be activated to compensate for ground vibrations
  • Waterproof: dust-proof and waterproof to IP 67 standard for all weather conditions
  • Vertical & plumb: automatic vertical and plumb beams (model LAS.2N / LAS.2N.R only)
  • Scan mode: 10°, 20°, 40°, 60° or 80° fan angle which can be directed to a specific area




Radio Remote Control
Optional radio remote control FB-2 replicates the laser unitís display and allows full control of the laser from a distance of up to 100 metres.


Product Family

  • Vision 1N: Horizontal single grade laser with monitoring
  • Vision 2N: Horizontal / vertical dual grade laser with monitoring
  • Vision 2N AUTOSLOPE: Horizontal dual grade laser with automatic adjustment
  • Vision 2N AUTOSLOPE ALIGN: Horizontal / vertical dual grade laser with adjustment of the laser-plane and aligning


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