Vision 2N ALIGN

The Vision 2N ALIGN is a dual grade laser with automatic adjustment (Autoslope) and visible laser beam. Digital input of the slope settings of up to +/- 15.000 percent.


  • +/- 15 % dual grade slope function with automatic adjustment (Autoslope).
  • Tilt-Function in levelling operation and at grades. In the event of major position changes of the laser, it switches off automatically to prevent faulty measurements.
  • Automatic saving of the last slope settings after switching off the unit.
  • Bright display through illuminated LCD
  • Sectional mask mode of the laser beam
  • Vibration protection can be activated to compensate for ground vibrations
  • Scan and manual mode
  • Telescopic sight
  • Bidirectional remote control with illuminated LCD
  • High-power laser diode < 5 mW

TILT – Controlling and switching off alert

MRS – Vibration-protection (No stopping of the instrument in case of light ground vibrations)

MAN – Switching off the automatic mode




Optional accessories

  • 3 & 5 m staffs
  • Heavy duty hand held receiver
  • Magnetic target
  • Laser enhancing glasses
  • Wall bracket


Heavy duty hand-held receiver (optional)

R.LAS.RH.HD РHeavy duty laser receiver measures and displays the distance between the laser beam’s hitting point and the marking notch. Upon Power On the device ajutomatically  performs a self-calibration procedure, guaranteeing constant maximum accuracy.


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