Laserguide Mini - R.45 series laser receivers


The strong and compact R.45 series receivers allow the operator to dig to grade first time and can be integrated into the machine cabin through a panel, providing automatic or manual control of the blade position. The R.45 receivers can be used with most kinds of excavation machinery and make digging to grade a one man operation. No more re-work, no more grade-checks, no more stopping to make adjustments. In fact the only thing you need to stop for… a coffee.


  • Indicates correct height
  • Works with any laser
  • Rugged and versatile
  • Prevents re-work
  • Reduces grade-checks
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Highly visible LED’s
  • Automatic compensation induced by vibration
  • 220° reception range
  • Power on indicator

Applications R45-applications


R.45BM – Laser receiver with magnetic bracket

The Laserguide Mini R.45BM is a machine-mounted laser receiver that indicates above, on or below-grade information to the operator.

The bright LED display shows where the machine’s cutting edge is with regards to laser level set-up.

R.45B works with all rotating lasers to provide a low cost level or grade display for backhoes, mini-excavators and other small machines.

R.45B has a fully machined metal frame for strength and is built rugged for hard Australian conditions.

  R.45.TC – Laser receiver with tilt compensation and magnetic bracket

The R.45.TC is the first compact laser receiver with automatic tilt compensation. In addition to displaying the position of the machine’s cutting blade in relation to a set level the receiver will also automatically compensate for errors caused by inclination of the boom arm. It uses sophisticated electronic leveling sensors inside the instrument to automatically compensates for the boom arm deviation from true plumb.

Additionally, the R.45.TC allows the operator to select among 3 accuracy settings to suit a particular type of work site as well as oud buzzer to alert the operator if the machine is above/below grade.

The extra long receiving area of 190 mm allows this receiver to be used on a variety of machines, from small excavators and backhoes to larger excavators, bulldozers etc. As with other MCE laser receivers, the R.45.TC works with all rotating lasers and has a strong and durable machined metal frame built for harsh Australian conditions.


R45TC-tilt-compensation R.45.TC with tilt compensation

R45TC-controls R.45.TC control panel


R.45.TC PRO – Laser receiver with tilt compensation, magnetic bracket and Bluetooth/CAN Communication for remote display

All the same features as the R.45.TC but with the added function of both Bluetooth and CAN communication, allowing the system to be used with an incab display. The system allows both cabled and wireless communication. MCE Lasers has a range of in-cab display options, a dedicated display DB.UNI.PRO. or an App which can be downloaded for any android device.

Combined display

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