MOBA Matic / Moba matic paving

The MOBA-matic® is a digital leveling and slope control system for different mobile construction machines such as asphalt pavers, slipform pavers, and milling machines.

It combines controller and intuitive HMI in one housing and allows the integration of a huge variety of sensors for leveling and slope control.

Special features of the MOBA-matic®:

  • The MOBA-matic® is easy to use, highly precise and reliable.
  • Due to its modular design, new sensors may be added for grade and slope control



Big Sonic-Ski

The Big Sonic-Ski® Modular is the “big brother” of the Sonic-Ski®. For more than two decades this grade sensor for leveling control has proved reliable in the field. In many places modern road construction would be unthinkable without it. No other ultrasonic sensor in the market performs to such a high degree of accuracy.

The innovative and unique measuring method of the Sonic-Ski® is based on an average calculation of several independent measurements. Three Sonic-Ski® sensors form the Big Sonic-Ski®. This combines the advantage of the multi-spot ultrasonic measurement of the Sonic-Ski® with the possibility to sense a ground section at several spatially separated spots. From these measurements the MOBA-matic® leveling system calculates an additional average value and produces a virtual reference level.

Your benefit: The system will average even more effectively than a single Sonic-Ski®, so even bumps or dips which cover a larger ground section like road waves will be smoothed out without any difficultly. The high-quality and vibration-resistant aluminum beam construction is robust and flexible, and easy to use and to mount. A scanning width of up to 12 meters can be realized. The mounting hardware is available in both metric and inch-scale versions, and can be adapted quickly and easily for use on any type of finishing machine.


Special features:

  • Non-Contact multi-point grade measurement
  • Averaging to smooth unevenness of references
  • Sensing in front of and behind the machine
  • Easy mounting
  • Beam construction can be extended and user-defined
  • Flexible sensor positioning


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