MOBA MDS 2000 Drilling System / Drill Rig System

Drilling system MDS-2000:

Designed for the use in heavy duty terrain of quarries and special civil engineering (unclassified roads, slope protection, surface blasting) the MOBA Drilling System MDS-2000 reduces mechanical wear (e.g. drill bit). It allows an efficient resource planning, the accurate completion and timely accounting of projects. The modular
conception of the system permits responding to individual customer requirements. The telemetric data transfer by GSM module enables the wireless transfer of drill data and engine data not only to an office computer, but also to a mobile device. So control and monitoring the status of the drilling machine is also possible on the way. Direct connection to the system can be used for a remote controlled shut-down of the engine and thus avoids theft. A constant drill depth can be achieved with a laser reference plane oriented in the terrain.



The MDS-2000 is equipped with one 2-axis slope sensor (MSS-322) with a measuring range ± 60° plus three rotary sensors (contactless rotary sensor, PWM and analogue signal). The extremely flat design of the MSS-322 and the screwcoupling of the rotary sensors make the installation to the machine easy. The proven sealing technique makes them reliable in use. The sensors collect all drill data as e.g. drill hole length, drill angle, drilling time, duration of a project, as well as management of engine data.



Complete system for drilling machines

Higher performance and efficiency

Cost reduction

Drill hole data collection and backup

Engine data management


Modular conception

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