LS.230 / Lasergrader LS.230

MCE Lasers has developed the Lasergrader LS.230, a dual or single grade laser with internal batteries. Designed and built in Australia, the Lasergrader comes with itís own carry case, charger, DC power cord, manual, grade chart and an 18 month warranty.


  • Grade control
  • Readout in increments of 0.001% over the entire grade range
  • Optional grade display
  • Allows you to view the grade as either a ratio grade eg. 1:100, or as a percentage grade 1.000%
  • Enter grade using arrow keys
  • Up to 1.4 km working diameter
  • Automatic leveling
  • A wide 10% self-leveling range makes for easy set-ups and continuous stability
  • Automatic warning “SERVICE REQUIRED” fault detection
  • Charge while laser in use
  • 40 hour battery life
  • Elevation alert
  • If moved from a preset elevation, the laser will re-level and continuously blink, preventing costly mistakes. All keys are locked to guard against accidental change of settings.
  • Completely waterproof
  • Hermetically sealed and pressurised with a dry nitrogen gas
  • 18 month warranty
  • MCE also custom builds lasers to your requirements






  • Radio cordless remote control
  • Various mounts i.e. quick release, 3.5″ threaded type
  • Coned rotating head
  • Four sided flaps
  • Dual or single grade laser


Standard package includes:

  • Laser unit (dual grade)
  • Operating/charger and cord for an AC power supply
  • Operating/charger and cord with cigarette lighter plug
  • Operating/charger and cord with clips for a 12 V DC battery
  • Steel or high density plastic case
  • 5/8″ standard thread at base of laser
  • Grade chart, user manual and calibration magnet
  • 18 month warranty



  • LS.230.DGI – dual grade, invisible (infra red) beam
  • LS.230.DGV – dual grade, visible (red) beam
  • LS.230R.DGI – dual grade, invisible (infra red) beam with cordless remote control
  • LS.230R.DGV – dual grade, visible (red) beam with cordless remote control


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