Laser Fence LR.100 & LR.200

This system sets up an electronic fence or trip wire. The system can be set up over long distances and in any configuration you require.

The receiver detects if the laser beam has been broken and is capable of a range of responses such as switching off power, activating an alarm, operating a counter, etc. The Electronic Fence System is ideal for security and monitoring applications.


  • MONITORING – The MCE Laser Fence is not affected by heat and is ideal for hot conveyor monitoring
  • POSITIONING – The MCE Laser Fence saves you time and money loading and unloading containers
  • SAFETY – The MCE Lasers Fence can protect workers from presses, guillotines and other hazardous areas








  • “LR.100″ – Laser & receiver in one unit
  • “LR.100W” – Laser & receiver unit (with wiper)
  • “LR.200″ – Laser & receiver (two units)


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