• Safety & Monitoring
    Lasers applied in safety and monitoring systems are growing in popularity. MCE Lasers’ off-the-shelf high precision instruments can meet a wide range of safety and monitoring requirements, including angle and slope monitoring, intrusion detection and remote triggering.
  • Mining & Tunnelling
    MCE Lasers has developed an innovative laser range for the mining and tunnelling industry. We manufacture intrinsically safe (explosion proof) and tunnelling lasers with a superior range of up to 2 km. Single and dual beam lasers with tailored receiver technology will provide your underground alignment solutions.
  • Medical & Therapeutic
    MCE Lasers has extended its product range to include medical and therapeutic lasers for veterinary applications. Lasers may provide deep tissue stimulation for large animals such as horses and greyhounds, which can contribute to speeding up recovery time and healing after injury.
  • Civil Building & Construction
    For the competitive construction market, MCE Lasers has a proven range of products that are efficient, reliable and will meet your budget requirements. This range includes laser levels, grade laser, pipelasers, receiving systems, GPS, as well as line and dot lasers.
  • Industrial Alignment
    High precision alignment can improve efficiency and reduce costs. The MCE Lasers industrial alignment product range includes precision alignment, slope sensors and underground drilling lasers. We can also develop a tailored solution to meet your precision alignment needs, no matter what your industry.
  • Agriculture & Land Leveling
    Alignment and levelling lasers are used widely on farms to improve productivity. MCE Lasers has been developing lasers for on-farm use for over twenty years. Today we offer an unrivalled range of land levelling solutions that will increase the competitiveness of your farming businesses in domestic and global markets.


I.001 / Inclinometer

Lightweight and easily applied to many applications, this self contained digital inclinometer utilizes a I.001 based transducer as a high accuracy sensing element. Capable of measuring the angular position of an instrument up to a fine resolution of 0.01 of a degree, the digital inclinometer is a very useful product.

Serial communication between the two units of the system allow for large distances between application and display for maximum convenience.
Measurements can be displayed in degrees, ratio or percentage and the system is capable of displaying readings from a specified point.

NOTE: Range of cables available. Cables not included in standard kit.



  • Accurate (0.01 resolution)
  • Simple to use
  • Rugged die cast aluminium construction
  • User selectable display (degree/percentage)
  • 50 m maximum cord length
  • ±60° single axis measurement
  • Offset display capable (measures the angle from any datum)
  • Easily mounted
  • Waterproof



  • Heavy construction
  • Heavy machinery
  • Land navigation/deviation surveys
  • Overturning-moment/tip-over protection
  • Platform leveling
  • Robotics
  • Pipeline leveling
  • Low frequency vibration/shock detection




Display modes


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