Elevation Masts

The Elevation Mast is an electrical motor powered mast for smooth movement. Steel framed for strength, the mast is bolted directly to a scraper or earthmoving machine. MCE masts are long lasting and reliable. The mast is powered via the Elevation Indicator as seen in the images below.

The Elevation Indicator is a strong and compact digital instrument capable of controlling and displaying the height of the mast. This enables you to quickly remove unwanted spoil from work site to any depth by simply raising the mast (for example 100 mm). When spoil is removed simply readjust the mast to original height by lowering the mast as read from the large LCD, and proceed to topsoil to original level. Adjustment is easy and at your fingertips.

You can zero the indicator or adjust to any convenient readout height by simply using the potentiometer dial on the top of the elevation indicator.

CB.EI – elevation indicator for use with ME.12U electric mast.

CB.EI.HD – elevation indicator for use with ME.14 electric mast. Features 4 memory settings for easy storing and recalling of 4 different height values. Mast will automatically adjust to the stored height values when selected at the press of a button.


Elevation Indicators:

Elevation Indicators


Product codes

  • ME.15 – Manual mast
  • EI.000 – ME.12U electric mast with CB.EI and cables
  • EI.002 – ME.14 electric mast with CB.EI.HD and cables


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