Control panel CB.2000

A control panel is used to control the machine’s hydraulics according to the output from the laser receiver. It also replicates the display from the receiver inside the machine’s cabin.

A control panel can be used to either automatically control machine’s hydraulics or the user can override and manually control the machines hydraulics via the switches on the control

Accuracy settings and hydraulic response can also be adjusted (dependant upon control panel model).


  • Toggle switches
  • Power cord 6m A.RS.001
  • Receiver cord 10m A.RS.002
  • Hydraulic cord 5m A.RS.003
  • Suits bang bang valves
  • 3 accuracy settings
  • Economically priced
  • Toggle switches
  • Dual control panel works with R.3CHS.MC or Blade Leveller


  • 2 x R.3CH receiver
  • 2 x R.3CHS receiver
  • 2 x R.3CHB receiver
  • 2 x R.45 receiver
  • RS.BL blade leveler
  • BG.004 blade grader
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