BG.004 / Blade grader

Where a constant grade of a check bank or level bank is required, the Blade Grader is ideal. The LCD gives you the exact grade your blade is working at. For example, if your road shoulder is at grade 1 in 36, the BG.001 can provide you with a LCD grade of 2.7778% is displayed on Control Box. MCE also make a control box with four set grades memory switches for quick grade changes.

The Blade Grader can be used automatically or manually to control grade of cutting blade via the Control Box. The Control Box gives a clear DIGITAL READOUT of the Blade grade. Changing of grade can also be done via the control box. The Blade Grader is simple and easy to install and configure, the perfect unit for your grading requirements.


Standard package includes:

  • Grader sender box “BG.1500″
  • Grade control box “CB.D2″
  • Power cord “A.RS.001″
  • Receiver cord “A.RS.072″
  • Hydraulic cord “A.RS.073″
  • Case “A.RS.038″
  • Corded remote control and various length cords available as accessories


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